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A Time Travelling Mausoleum?

Does the mausoleum of Hannah Courtoy have the ability to travel through time by harnessing the powers of the Egyptian Pharoahs. ?

The Devil’s Acre

The tradition of burying the damned, sinners and suicides in The Devil’s Acre of a church graveyard.

Museum Vrolik

The main reason I went to Amsterdam was not to visit the ladies of scarlet or smoke the local horticulture but to see the world famous Museum Vrolik. These are only the specimens on public display as no photography is allowed in the museum itself. I cannot recommend highly enough a visit to this place as the specimens are unique.

Concentration camp – Kamp Vught

The history behind the Dutch SS operated concentration camp – Kamp Vught. The history behind the poignant Jewish Memorial, the disaster that was Cell 115 and the killing yard.

Exemplum Justitiae

A skull on the gates of Bruges serves as permanent reminder of how traitors will be dealt with.

I ain’t afraid of no ghost

On the 29th of March, The Other Side Paranormal Group will be hosting a ghost hunt at none other than Warwick Castle, one of the oldest castles still remaining to date. Standing proud for centuries and surviving through the plague, numerous wars, fire and family feuds the walls of this castle are surely to have absorbed… Continue Reading →

Cecil Court

A lesser know side street that any dark tourism adventurer would find interesting.

Café in the crypt

Dark Tourism adventurers need to take a coffee break too. Where better than a cafe in the crypt?

Dying Matters

Dying Matters Week 2018
Dying Matters.
Let’s talk about it.

The Ten Bells

The water hole for the victim of history’s greatest unsolved serial killer.

A Gentleman’s Goth night

As gentlemen grow older and feel less inclined to go to nightclubs, gentlemen’s club should accommodate all tastes.

My 1st ghost hunt

How often do you get the chance to go through the staff only door in a museum? Think about how often you get the chance to go past the velvet rope at a museum and hunt for ghosts? That’s right I got the chance to go into the off limit areas and try to communicate with those not of this world.

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