The tortured sole of Spooksteeg

Jealousy is an ugly emotion and siblings can be the bane of one’s existence, sometimes just by breathing. Mix the two together and there will be rivalry and arguments. But rarely does this lead into violence or death.

Living in Amsterdam in the early part of the 18th century Helena and Dina were daughters to a successful tanning business owner. Dina caught the eye of a prospering deckhand, Helena was in disbelief and furious the sailor had not chosen her and instead fell for the younger of the sisters. Their sisterly squabble escalated violently and in a jealous rage Helena threw Dina into the tannery cellar killing her.

Helena covered up the incident leaving the body laying cold on the cellar floor with the story being a tragic accident. After spending the remainder of her life married to the very man this whole tragedy revolved around Helena revealed the truth on her deathbed in 1753 and begged for forgiveness. Her husband refused to accept her apology and cursed her sole to an eternity of misery.

There have been many sightings of a ghostly figure in Spooksteeg where the tannery once stood. Tour guides will reluctantly lead you to the area but feel uneasy and encourage you not to stay too long. The Amsterdam Dungeon have included this tragedy in their repertoire of doom with an immersive show full of scares and screams.

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