Café in the crypt

There is an abundance of places in London to get overpriced coffee and a nibble to eat. Every street in the square mile is overrun by big companies 20180526_104742643_iOSpeddling their boiled water and coffee beans for in some cases what is more than the train fare spent to get there in the first place. As this is about Dark Tourism where better to get your caffeine fix then literally surrounded by death?

Located on the south side of Trafalgar Square is St Martins in the field, a mammoth church as beautiful on the outside as it is grand and ornate within. Delve down into the crypt and you’re greeted with not only vaulted ceilings, renaissance art and grave markers but a café.

Interesting fact: the cemetery that once belonged to the church and served as the final resting place of the deceased is still there, sort of. The bodies were not dis-interred but entombed in concrete and the National Gallery is built upon it.

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