The Ten Bells

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The Ten Bells


From the outside this pub looks the same as any other in the square mile. What makes this stand out from the rest is the association with the world’s most famous serial killer that has never been caught. This landmark pub is in London’s seedy East End and once was the watering hole of the poor victims of Jack The Ripper back in 1888.

These Southwark geese would ply themselves with gin in this historic public house to get them through a night working the streets, fearing their next client would be the demon in the flesh, bringing with him a brutal and savage end.

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Little has changed since the time Annie Chapman and Mary Kelly, as the landlords have endeavoured to keep all restoration sympathetic and even retained some of the original tiles on the walls. A must visit for the adventurer needing a drink, and a perfect place to rest before tackling the antique dealers across the road in Old Spitalfields Market.

It is even available for private hire –


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